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This pest repeller electromagnetic provides you with an incredibly efficient, economical eco-friendly and safe method of repelling Mouse(rat), mosquito, black beetle, fly and other pest and it is safe for humans and pets. You no longer need to use noxious sprays to get rid of pesky rats. It provides you with an incredibly efficient, economical, eco-friendly and safe method of mice control. Safe for humans and pets. User friendly, environmentally friendly, ozone friendly. It emits ultrasonic waves of constantly changing ultrasonic signals to repel rats. It can cover a range 50-80 square meters or above (open field). Easy to use: simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet. Ideal for use in homes, restaurants, drug stores, food shops, supermarkets, bars, offices, hospitals, zoos and other sensitive areas where the use of poison is prohibited or discouraged. Effective coverage: 50-80 square meters or above (open field. After plugging the power on the wall, you can see the blue or green indicator light and the machine begin to work, also you can hear electronic scanning sound from high frequency to low frequency. The frequency selected switch is on the left side, when you turn it to Mosquito pattern, it can lustrate smallvermin, such as mosquito, black beetle, fly etc.; when you turn to Mouse (rat) pattern, it can lustrate mouse.



This machine will have great effect in 50-80 square meters in the room.
100% effective for repelling  house mouse (rat), black beetle, mosquito, flea, fly, cricket, ant, wood ant etc vermin. 
The ultrasonic that sent out from this machine is far away from hearing range of human being.
They will not do harm to human being and pets. Also will not have affect on house machine. 
This machine is safety and environment protected. Smell-less and flavorless. Teeny used energy. 

N9,000 N12,000